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On the 22nd of May, I'll be taking part in the Big Steam Print, a project organised by Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft. I'll be printing my largest ever linocut, a giant 1m x 1.2m on The Level, on Brighton Promenade.


A hectic month which saw me printing, framing, delivering framed work to The Contemporary Six Gallery in Manchester and planning for next couple of months which include my partaking in the Big Steam Print in Brighton on May 22nd ... more of this before the day.

FEBRUARY - Return visit to Ogwen Falls

The second edition of the year finds me back at one of my favourite locations, Rhaeadr Ogwen. This winter's wind and rain made it particularly spectacular. The results of a very chilly visit can be seen below.


January - FORCE I

I've started the new year with a multi-block edition, the first of a series of six which will appear at two-monthly intervals throughout 2016. You can find out more about the first of the 'Force' series here.


2015 - New and ongoing work and news


Two new cats, 'The artist's muse' and 'The artist's companion' have been added to Gallery 3. A step-by-step look at how they were created is covered on Facebook (just head for the Linocut Friends group or my AnnL Printmaker page).


At last, my current greetings cards series have been added to the site. A new larger 5" x 7" size card and 6 new images. Apologies for the long wait.


I'm delighted to share the news that I've been invited to join a wonderful and diverse group of printmakers at For Arts Sake in Ealing.


It's been a busy start to the New Year with three editions completed in January. Cwm Idwal, and in particular the Idwal Syncline, has been my inspiration for all three. All three prints have been added to the landscape gallery (Feb 15th)

Cwm idwal - pink evening
This is the third and final (for now) print, a combination of reduction and multi-block method.


2014 - New and ongoing work and news

November 23rd - Studio time The final Christmas exhibition delivery of work has been done and I'm hoping to have two, or even three weeks valuable studio time in the next month. I've a couple of prints I want to finish this year and ideas are already starting to bubble to the surface for 2015.

October 9th - New location, new subject The majority of my work is done in, or close to my home patch of North Wales but a trip to the South coast at the end of August inspired something quite different. 'Storm approaching, Birling Gap' has been added to the landscape gallery as has 'Late September, Tenby Harbour'. Here's a glimpse of a section of Birling Gap as it sits on the drying rack.

Storm approaching, Birling Gap

August 14th - New work, new walls The busiest few weeks of the year are almost over and whilst exhibiting in new galleries and further afield has meant a lot of travelling, it's been a very worthwhile venture, as work has sold well.

Just added to the Landscape gallery is a second interpretation of Pistyll Cain waterfall. An edition of 18, 'Birdsong after the rain, Pistyll Cain' is currently available to view at Oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge, Anglesey.

Birdsong after the rain, Pistyll Cain
Birdsong after the rain, Pistyll Cain

June 12th - Stepping up a gear for a very busy summer. Work already delivered to Aberystwyth for an exhibition of poetry and art, titled 'Y Mor' (The Sea), to Betws y Coed for the Snowdonia Festival (June 14th/15th) and to the Liverpool Biennale in July. Preparation is in full swing for the Summer Exhibition at Treberfydd House, the Annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy and Oriel Tegfryn's participation in the Menai Bridge Seafood Festival in August.

May 22nd - The fourth print in the ongoing Anglesey series added to the Landscape gallery.

March 31st - Ogwen Triptych mini prints added to the Landscape gallery. A trio of two colour linocuts, created specifically for the Seacourt International Open Mini Print Exhibition 2014.

Idwal Slabs

March 19th - March is almost over before I've had time to turn around. A month of making frames, meeting deadlines, designing labels, three mini-prints for an International exhibition and a new waterfall linocut.

February 9th - Rhedyn a mieri wrth droed Rhaeadr Pentre Du (Bracken and brambles at the foot of Pentre Du waterfall) added to the landscape gallery - Please click here for more information.

Detail from Rhedyn a mieri wrth droed Rhaeadr Pentre Du (Bracken and brambles at the foot of Pentre Du waterfall)

February 5th - Ar lan y mor III
A new print, a third in the 'Ar lan y mor' series, printed (and will be dry) in time for February 14th.

Please click here for more information


January 30th - Rhaeadr Pentre Du I jumped straight into the New Year with a challenging new waterfall linocut which I decided to produce as an 'edition varie' to give me the freedom to use two very different colour palettes. During the 'making', they were referred to as the pink and the green variations ... green shown below. Both will be added to the landscape gallery in the next few days.

Pentre Du waterfall, Betws y Coed
Pentre Du waterfall, Betws y Coed (Edition of 22)

2013 - New and ongoing work and news

December 1st - Two new larger cards for Christmas 2013 and 'Bob, bob, bobbing along" red robin gift tags

At last "Eira trwm, Coed Meurig" (and Nant y mynydd) are now available as a 5" x 7" card.

I've had 200 of each printed but early sales of the snowy landscape of Eira trwm suggest that I may need to make another order sooner than expected. Both cards are available to purchase here and the gift tags are here


November 20th - Days 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 of the Twelve Days of Christmas linocuts shown together for the first time

I suspect that my time online next week is going to be very limited because of the imminent Christmas exhibition and setting up for the craft fair at the Royal Cambrian Academy. I've therefore decided to create a new gallery space on the website specifically for this series and I'll add to it over the coming weeks as the remaining prints are printed, editioned and become available. The first 5 prints can be viewed here, in the Twelve Days of Christmas Gallery.

November 14th - Handprinted Christmas papers and cards

This time in 2012 I was printing the "Snow flurry, Conwy Castle" cards - this year I'm taking my Christmas printing a stage further and as well as the "Twelve days" editions (below), I'm  producing a set of ivy themed wrapping products and cards. I've cut two small ivy 'blocks' which I'm printing on a beautiful lightweight Chinese paper. Paper, cards and gift tags will all be available for sale at The Royal Cambrian Academy Christmas exhibition and Craft Fair in Conwy from November 30th until January 4th 2014.

November 4th - Proofing and printing the first of the Twelve days of Christmas series of linocuts

I wanted to get the majority of the twelve blocks cut before I started proofing and with eight linos ready, I took my first proper proofs today. Below is my interprtation of the 'six geese', moving away from the traditional white domestic goose, I chose to the more decorative Canadian goose with its dramatic black and white head. Absolutely perfect for a single colour linocut.

 Six geese 

October 7th - Getting to grips with technology

Last week I set up a Facebook Business page and whilst there are some aspects of it I'm uncomfortable with such as people I don't know 'liking' me, I can't deny its usefulness and I've taken to using it as a daily blog/diary where I'm recording all my work in progress.

I will continue to keep the galleries here up to date and my work will always be for sale here but, until I can dedicate time to a full-blown upgrade of this website, I would welcome Facebook users to pop over and - dare I say it, 'like' my new page - Ann Lewis RCA Artist Printmaker

September 10th - Summer colours in Conwy

More a streetscape than landscape, this linocut of Capel Carmel, Conwy is a bit of a departure from my usual subject matter and colour palette. I explain a bit more about this linocut here.

Capel Carmel, Conwy

September 4th - Time to begin new work

Work has been delivered to Cabalva Farm Gallery near Hay-on-Wye for Hereford Arts Week, Sept 7 - 13th and to the Royal Cambrian Academy for their next exhibition 'In Nature's Presence'.

Section of painting 'Pen nant Ffrancon' (Head of Nant Ffrnacon)

Detail from one of four 'en plein air' paintings and drawings - part of 'In nature's presence' at the Royal Cambrian Academy

Ideas are starting to gel for a body of work for the RCA's Christmas exhibition - and it's only September!


July 14th - Things don't always go as planned

Two new prints added to the landscape gallery with an insight into how one was bought back from the edge. Please click here to go to the landscape gallery index or here to read more about the averted loss of an edition.

June 15th - Something small and simple

Occasionally, things other than waterfalls draw my eye and this winding lane has been nudging me for some attention for a while. Using just three colours and the simplest possible forms, this tiny print presented me with a different set of challenges. More information about "Lôn droellog i'r Garth" can be found here

May 25th - Getting my brushes out

It's been a while since I've worked in any other medium than print but Oriel Tegfryn Gallery Artist's spring exhibition "Works on paper" triggered the appearance of brushes, gouache and a new painting titled "Glaw yn cilio, Y Spinneys (Rain clearing, the Spinneys) emerged.

This and two new linocuts, both Anglesey landscapes, will be on show at the Private View in the gallery this Friday evening and for the following three weeks.


March 26th - NEW CARDS - at last!

  At last, I'm delighted to report that my new cards have arrived and are available to purchase singly, in pairs, packs of 5 or a mixed pack (one of each design) here.

After much deliberation, the new series of 5 are:

Castell Conwy ar draws yr afon
Dail, mwsogl a rhaeadr fach gudd
Llynnau Mymbyr I
Traeth Aberdesach
and Yng Nghysgod Y Garn


February 7th - New work in the Landscape Gallery

Four new linocuts have just been added to the landscape gallery and one in particular might appeal to any hopeless romantics out there wondering what to get for their beloved on February 14th. This is also printed in red as a separate edition.

February 7th - Busy start

The start of 2013 has been unusually busy art-wise as I've had to manage the logisitics of getting work to various galleries across Wales. The most recent dash was to take work down to Pembrokeshire for the first exhibition of the year at The White Lion Street gallery in Tenby. This is a group exhibition of invited gallery artists and opens on Feb 16th, 2013.



2012 - New and ongoing work and news

November 29th - " Dail, mwsogl a rhaeadr fach gudd "
(Leaves, moss and a small hidden waterfall). A Sunday afternoon walk near Capel Curig in autumn sunshine unearthed this scene and I was hooked and happily back in my world of waterfalls. Moving away from my 'usual' grey palette of colours, I wanted to convey the colours and light filtering through the trees. Having said that, the edition of 35 is an edition varie *, so a proportion of the linocuts are in a grey palette. This new linocut will be part of the Christmas exhibition at oriel Tegfryn, Menai Bridge from December 7th through to the 31st, 2012.

November 21st - NEW in Gallery 1 - Three castles and a waterfall

Whilst patiently waiting for the ink to dry on my current work, I've added 4 new linocuts to Gallery 1- Welsh landscapes .

October 27th - Handprinted Botanical gift tags added to website - please click here

October 25th - "Conwy Castle - flurry of snow" Christmas card - please click here)

September 6th - Conwy Castle linocut

The print below, which is currently part of the Annual Summer Exhibition at The Royal Cambrian Academy, has proved more popular than I had ever imagined.
I know people are drawn to images of the castle but more often than not, it's depicted in oil or watercolour and I wasn't sure how a linocut would go down. However, with just over a week of the exhibition left, 6 prints have sold, so I was on a mission to deliver some 'back-ups' this morning. It's at times like this, a little voice in my head says "perhaps an edition of 15 wasn't quite enough ..." but it's a wonderful feeling to see a little row of red dots marching across the label in the gallery.


July 19 - New cards ... on the cards!

Every Autumn, I aim to prod uce new cards to add to my range. As several of last years designs have sold out, the time has come to decide which linocuts to reproduce this year. I've had requests from some outlets for some of my more 'colourful' work to be made into cards and I'm also considering one or perhaps two of the botanical studies ths time around, and maybe one of the more stylized landscapes.

May 17 - New flower series' linocuts in Gallery 4

I've been adding 6 new flower linocuts to Gallery 4 today, detail from 4 are shown above. To see all six in greater detail, please click here to go to Gallery 4 index page .

*Edition varie - You sometimes see the letters “E.V.” after the edition number on a print or mentioned in accompanying information. This means that not every print is exactly the same. The artist has created variety in the edition on purpose. The most common variation is found in the colors. An artist will normally print from the same block, but use different color s. In my linocut, there are two variations, number 1- 20 of the edition use the brown and 21 - 35, grey.


May 14th - Something different

Over the last few weeks, between print work, I've been working on an image of a hare for a friend. Her brief was a simple line drawing and she sent me a link to the Uffington White Horse as a starting point. This is the result.

April 25th - Whole edition has flown the nest

I had news today that the remaining two prints from the Caernarfon Castle edtion have sold. It's a slightly odd feeling to think that have all 'gone' but nice nevertheless to think that they are now spread far and wide, most in the UK but one or two further afield.

Click here to view this print

March 9th - Lasting flowers

The hellebores are flourishing again this year in the garden and as there is little else in flower at this time of year, I thought I'd include them in my ongoing flower series. I've just added this single colour, very small edition in Gallery 4 and explained why this print is a little bit different to the norm.

detail from Hidden hellebore, single colour linited edition linocut


February 16th - A print for St David's Day

This year I've produced a new narcissi linocut to celebrate my patron saint's day, St. David, or Dewi Sant. The print is being 'officially' launched at the Royal Cambrian Academy Gallery on March 1st ... although, I'll be honest, I finished the print before my deadline, so it's already there and on sale.

February 15th - "What is a print"?

I hope the painter printmaker Anita Klein won't object to me quoting directly from her website. The definiti on of a print is something which I feel very strongly about and when I read the following, it really struck a chord;

"A print is an image which has been transferred from one surface to another. Many pictures that are sold as “prints” or even “limited edition signed prints” are actually photographic reproductions, actually just good quality posters. These are made by photographing an original work of art, usually a painting or drawing and reproducing the image photographically, often these days with a digital technology called giclee (say jee-clay)."

All of Anita Klein’s prints are original prints. She does not allow her work to be made into posters

February 7th, 2012 - Galeri exhibition preparation

Just a quick update this time as work and prep for the joint exhibition in Galeri, Betws y Coed is underway. All my drying systems are full to bursting with new work and I've got a lot of editioning to do fairly soon.

January 6th, 2012 - Last year's snow

This time last year we were up to our ears in snow and this small linocut of Dyffryn Nantmor evolved as a result. It's a tiny edition of just 5 prints, and two have already found new homes.

January 3rd, 2012 - A pair of prints for the New Year

Sometimes, it's difficult to decide on a colour palette for an image and this print pulled me several ways.

Click here to view the pair of very different prints (in terms of colour and mood) which resulted from the dual printing of this lino.


December 15th - Rhaeadr fach (Little waterfall)
available in the Landscape gallery soon

December 9th - Deadlines all met

All the Christmas exhibitions are well underway, a nd I managed to meet all my deadlines. Galleries and shops that stock my greetings cards have all been 'topped-up', hand-made gift tags have been delivered to Plas Brondanw Gardens shop, life drawing has ended for the winter and it seems (touch wood) as though I have a few undisturbed pre-festivity days to work on a new lino - fittingly, of a Christmas cactus.

November 9th - New press!

My dream press came up on Ebay last week ... I bit the bullet and put a bid in, not thinkin g it would be a winning bid. BUT, it was! I am soon to be a proud owner of a superb, table top Ulmer and Son, Albion Press, once I've been to Humberside to pick it up.

October 7th - Five new blank greetings cards now available to buy online

October 6th - New work added to website

At last, five new linocuts added to the website, three in Landscapes and two in Birds/Flowers. There's one more ongoing which I hope will added in a couple of weeks and a brand new waterfall about to be started.

Diwedd y dydd, Cnicht - 3 colour linocut, Edition 10

September 26th - back in the studio

Helfa Gelf Art Trail finished last Sunday and I'm back in the studio working on three new linos. I had a busy, positive and productive 4 weekends with over 40 visitors on most days despite some atrocious weather. It's back to work now preparing for the next exhibition, the Winter Show at Y Capel, Llangollen.

August 30th - Helf Gelf/Art Trail Bus Trip!

Gwynedd Council have organised a bus trip taking in some of the Open Studios on Saturday 17th September (the 2nd weekend of the event). The gallery where I'll be exhibiting and working is one of the stops on the itinerary. You can find out more and book a seat on the bus by clicking here.

August 19th - New "Cwm Perfedd" linocut for sale in the Landscape Gallery

The first in the Dyffryn Ogwen to Cwm Croesor series is added to the Landscape Gallery.

Please click here for more information and to purchase.

August 4th - Time flies

Where is the year going, I can't believe it's August already? July was a very productive month with three linocuts that have been 'drying' (for rather a long time) completed and editioned. August started extremely positively with a new print which has received very encouraging feedback from people who have seen it so far. Because of its simplicity and limited palette, it's one of those pieces that would either sing, or be a complete disaster. Even I feel it's worked well, and I'm probably my biggest critic.

Here's a small scale preview of the new work which will be for sale in the Landscape Gallery in the next week or so.

July 8th - Eira trwm, Coed Meurig

Don't panic, it's not snowing in north Wales! This linocut was done a few months ago but it's only now I've added it to the landscape gallery. The print is currently part of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Cambrian Academy , a quirky little selection for the time of year.

July 6th - Drawings not prints

Oriel Tegfryn's Summer Exhibition opens on Saturday and I was asked specifically for some larger pieces of work to accompany the linocuts which they have in their print browser. Working 'on demand' is a mixed bag, sometimes is causes sheer panic, at other times, pressure seems to result in productivity. Thankfully, I was able to work quite quickly on two large pieces. one a pencil study, pure and simple, the other a more expressive work in pencil and gouache. The exhibition starts on Saturday but here is a small scale peek at the pencil drawing (both pieces are approx A2 in size).

June 10th - The last month has been a flurry of exhibition deadlines, meetings, framing and admin. For the rest of the month, I've promised myself much needed studio time, and lots of it.

May 7th - Busy day in mid Wales

Travelled down to Machynl leth today for the Royal Cambrian Academy's AGM at MOMA Wales/The Tabernacl. The AGM took place in the chapel which made for quite an unusual venue. I was voted back on the Council of the Academy after a few years absence and I'm looking forward to being involved in that side of the things again. The day ended on a high when I discovered that I'd sold 2 linocuts from the RCA's current exhibition at MOMAWales.

April 22nd - Yr Ynys added to landscape gallery

Another hectic month flies by with deadlines galore and galleries replenished. Visited the recently opened Lion Street Gallery Hay-on-Wye who are now showing my work, a lovely bright space and a warm welcome. Well worth a visit . And finally an Easter website update to the landscape gallery

"Yr Ynys" (The island) - 5 colour linocut, edition of 10

March 21st - Non-stop cutting, inking, printing

I'm painfully aware that my website updates have been i nfrequent so far this year. The good news is that this is because my studio has been a hive of activity. I have four new prints to upload to the landscape gallery and have started the drawing for another today. Here is a quick preview of the forthcoming print.

January 24th - A productive start to the year

Even though I've not been up to my elbows in ink at all this month, I've been very busy and as a result have three new linos almost ready to ink up. I don't often work on so many editions at once but the ideas were flowing, so it would have been foolish to stop mid flow.

I had a positive meeting with a new gallery last week and hopefully my work will be gracing their walls in the next few months.

Final print of 2010

Due to a hectic year end with 4 group exhibitions to frame and deliver work to, I didn't have time to put this, my final print of 2010 up on the website.

Castell Dolbadarn, dwy fran yn troelli (Dolbadarn Castle, two crows circling)

SOLD 5/20, 7/20

This print is now available to purchase in Gallery 1

December 20th - Planning for 2011

Already starting to plan and write 'to do' lists for working with new galleries next year. Major committments so far include the Affordable Art Fair in the spring and the first exhibition with the new gallery in Hay-on-Wye.

December 14th - Clematis Bill Mackenzie

A quick update to the Flowers and Birds gallery to include my most recent work "Clematis Bill Mac Kenzie" . Because of its complexity, this print has been on the go for several months and required two blocks to achieve the desired result.

November 27th - Frames, frames and more frames
This month has been very busy, almost too busy. Frames at all stages of construction seem to have been a permanent fixture, work has been delivered to three galleries for their Christmas exhibitions and I have one more print to complete in the next week for a fourth gallery.

Breuddwydio (Dreaming|)


Breuddwydio (Dreaming)   Paws
New prints are on sale at The Royal Cambrian Academy (Small works for Christmas) up until Christmas Eve, for one day only on December 4th at Galeri, Caernarfon's Christmas Art Market (but available to view this week), at Galeri, Betws y Coed from next weekend and of course from the online galleries on this website
  Tyrrau a thoeau , Caernarfon (Towers and roofs, Caernarfon)
  Tyrrau a thoeau, Caernarfon (Towers and roofs, Caernarfon)

November 12th - Linocutting workshop at the RCA

A brilliant day which proved without doubt how much fun it is to share a passion for something with other people. 13 people got very messy (some more than others) today and in doing so, everyone produced amazingly different and very exciting prints. Everyone worked their socks off from 10am till way past the 4pm scheduled finish and I think I can confidently say that quite a few people were a little bit surprised and pleased at the standard of work they achieved in one day. It was a bit of a strange day for me not experiencing the highs and lows of working on my own print but guiding, suggesting ways to develop their work, watching people's faces and sensing their nervous anticipation as they peeled the paper of their lino to see their final image revealed more than made up for it. And was I nervous at the start of the day? Yes actually, I was.

November 10th - Seeing double?

SOLD 2/6

Very rarely, in my experience, do two print editions emerge from a single lino but as this print (above) was developing, I was drawn to experiment with different colours, overprinting and, at one point, turning the lino on its head ... the why's and wherefore's can be read in full in the Landscape Gallery

November 8th - Two Cnicht prints complete
The prints (developed from the drawing below) turned into quite a marathon of 6 and 7 colours. My largest work yet, and my trusty press did a grand job, coping with printing evenly to within a cm of the outer edges of the platen. Images and print information will be added to the Landscape gallery within the next couple of days.

October 25th - Less is more, sometimes

Just completed a small two colour lino of Caernarfon Castle. As I normally work in 4, 5 or even 6 colours, limiting myself to two felt a little strange and required a fair amount of discipline but it made me look very hard at what I was drawing and I feel the result was worth the effort.


October 9th - Special offer for 'Wool Week'
To celebrate all things woolly, anyone buying "Sheepish" will get two free greetings cards popped in with their print. Grab one of the flock of original prints between Oct 11th and 16th and let me know (by leaving a message with your Paypal transaction) which two cards you would like to be included in your parcel.

October 7th - New Cnicht print underway

Every day as I drove up to Croesor for the Open Studio days and became more familiar with the landscape, I knew that sooner or later a print would result. Whilst there were many, many subjects crying out to be drawn, it was almost impossible not to be captivated by Cnicht, the mountain that dominates the Croesor valley. I did 4 drawings 'on the spot' and now, the drawing has been transferred (in reverse) onto the lino and I'm ready to start cutting and carving the first stage.



September 27th - New print added to the Landscape gallery

The new Rhaeadr Ogwen print (early stages shown below) is complete and will be exhibited for the first time on Friday evening. The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Brecon Cathedral. For opening times please contact the Cathedral on 01874 623857


September 27th, back to 'normal' - After a final busy Art Trail weekend, it's back to the peace and quiet of my studio and packing work ready to be shipped down to Brecon for the Small Picture Show which opens on Friday evening. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed talking to people about my prints and explaining my method of linocutting but I'm definitely ready after three weekends of being sociable to start working on some new prints.

September 19th - Atrocious weather for our second Helfa Gelf (Art Trail) weekend didn't stop a steady stream of visitors from making their way up to Croesor. A framed "Sheepish" sold to a lady who fell in love with that sheepy smile and the afternoon was topped by live music with Welsh singer songwriter Gai Toms in the cafe - what a treat!

September 9th, eve of the first Helfa Gelf long weekend - Last bits of preparation complete here and one final box to take with me tomorrow. Work hung yesterday over at the gallery and hoping for fine weather and lots of visitors. For anyone who might be in the area over the next three weekends, the location of the cafe/gallery is here.

September 4th - Rhaeadr Ogwen calls again

The lino after 2 colours have been printed

In this new print, I want to create an impression of twilight, this has meant biting the bullet and starting with tones that are much deeper than usual .

The image starts to emerge

August 24th - Up, up and away ...

Two prints will be setting off on a long journey to their new home tomorrow. The excitement of selling my work to 'strangers' never diminishes and Canada is another first time destination.

August 12th - It's all go this month

My 'to do' list for August is ever growing but it's all looking very positive in my lino world. Sales of prints and cards are buoyant. I have at long last found time to work on the design for my new website and have been out taking photographs for background images today. I've decided the time is right to publish 3 new greetings cards (which will be for sale online mid September) and preparation is starting for the Open Studios weekends at the end of September.

July 19th - "Sheepish"

This little single colour linocut more or less popped out of nowhere last night (drawing) and today (cutting and printing). I t had a working title of "Sheepish" but a friend has just commented that it has a bit of a Mona Lisa smile ...

"Sheepish" has joined the cats in Gallery 3
SOLD 2/20, 4/20, 5/20, 8/20, 10/20


July 15th - Rediscovering John Piper
It's been a very long time since I really looked properly at John Piper's work but today, in need of a final push of inspiration for a collage I'm working on, I spent some time here and I'm utterly smitten.

July 14th - A very pleasant surprise

.. awaited me on the BBC website this morning. The Things to Do section for North Wales has picked up on the current exhibition at the RCA and chosen one of my drawings to accompany the article .


June 19th - 'Specially for frog lovers Whilst sorting through some folders earlier today, I came across 'Creepy Crawly Frog'. It's an etching, not a linocut, but I thought I would add him to the frog gallery for those like myself who have a 'bit of a thing' about frogs.   Detial form 'Creepy Crawly Frog'
June 14th - New work Two brand spanking new prints "Rhwng y creigiau gwyrdd" (Amongst the green rocks) and "Y Graig" (The rock) were amongst the works delivered today to Oriel Tegfryn for their member's summer exhibition. The show will open on July 10th and runs until the end of August.

May 27th - Hours of flowers

Today I've been drawing flowers, Aquilegia (Granny's Bonnets) flowerheads to be more accurate and I'm ready to start cutting for a new print composed of a triptych of aquilegia heads.

One of 6 drawings done today

May 13th - I've decided to document the latest print stage by stage, so that people can see how the reduction relief print processs works and how the colours build up as more and more lino is cut away. Click here to follow the print's progress (completed May 27th)

May 12th - Paypal activated As of today, all prints can be purchased quickly and securely using Paypal's payment system.

4 colour print Paws added to Gallery 3

May 11th - two new prints started today
Drawn back to one of my favourite spots on Afon Caseg to start work on a 'pair' of prints. It'll be interesting to see how (or if) these differ from the last one "Mi ddaw yr Haf" which I worked on last Autumn.

May 4th - Hung and sold!
It never fails to feel a little 'strange' to see my work hung, whether it's part of a group exhibition or a solo show and I can never resist loitering near the work in the hope of overhearing an interesting comment or two. Response to the Crûg drawings was positive and the late nights were made all the more worthwhile when one of the three was sold.

Crûg, the Walled Garden, April  II
All three drawings can be seen below - All now sold

April 27th - No. 3 drawing ongoing
A couple of days drawing, then it's over to the final framing leg, then hanging on Thursday evening. Cutting it a little bit fine but not feeling at all stressed ...yet.

April 23rd - Drawing, drawing and more drawing
I'm currently working on the second of three large drawings which will be exhibitied at the Annual Plant Fair at Crug Farm Plants on May 1st. It's some time since I worked at this scale (approx A1) and in pencil, rather than my usual ink. It'll be interesting to see and hear people's reaction to them.

April 8th - Nant y Mynydd print added to Welsh landscapes gallery

Click on the image for more information about this print

10 days of intense cutting, drawing, re-drawing, colour mixing and printing resulted in one of my most detailed linocuts to date.

Towards the end (with one colour to go), things weren't going as planned and I wasn't in a good frame of mind about this print ... But several late nights, plenty of inky mess and a lot of determination, saw it (and me) turn the corner to produce a piece of work which will be exhibited for the first time at Oriel Croesor's Spring exhibition.

May 4th - The first three Crûg Drawings

SOLD - RCA Annual Summer Exhibition

SOLD - RCA Annual Summer Exhibition

Edge of the Woodland Garden (framed size 34" x 28") - Sold

March 15th - New lino taking shape

I don't often draw in such detail on the lino itself ... it's normally more of an outline or 'design' with some tonal notes but I feel that for this new print (Nant y Mynydd), I need an accurate drawing as a starting point. This will hopefully give me freedom to cut into the lino quickly and expressively without losing my way or needing to pause as the print develops. I've stood by the stream and simply looked and looked as well as doing several rough sketches before reaching this stage.

February 24th - 'Pig print' commission

Commissions are exciting but rather terrifying. Will the person like what I've done or will there be a deathly silence on first sight of the finished work?
Not having a 'Pig' gallery
, I popped this new print in with the cats in Gallery 3 !

February 12th - Helfa Gelf (loosely translated as Art trail/treasure hunt)
Submitted my online application form to participate in this year's Helfa Gelf open studios event, held over three weekends at the end of September.

February 8th
Can't wait to begin working this week on a series of 'botanical' prints which have been bubbling around in my head since the last Narcissi print. I'm doubly excited because Sue and Bleddyn Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm Plants, have agreed to give the work its first showing at the WHGT Annual Plant Fair held at Crug on Saturday 1st May.

NEW work ... January 2010
Four new prints added to Welsh Landscape gallery.

one of four new prints added to the Welsh landscape gallery
Mi ddaw yr Haf (Summer will come)

Aberystwyth Arts Centre - Print exhibition
Summer 2010

The print exhibition in Aberystwyth has been confirmed. It will open in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre in the summer, then tour various venues from Autumn 2010.

Breuddwydio (Dreaming) 2 colour limited edition linocut


Linocutting Masterclass - January 22, 2010

I was asked (and said yes!) today, to run an adult's 'masterclass' in linocutting at the Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy.This one day event will take place towards the end of the summer or early autumn. Places will be limited, so please keep an eye open for details on this and the RCA's website .

Date now confirmed as Friday November 12th.


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