Storm approaching, Birling Gap - During a visit to stay with friends in Eastbourne at the end of August, we went to Birling Gap. In the short time we were there, the weather changed from bright and blustery to dark and moody. I spent about 20 minutes capturing the critial cliff shapes in a tiny sketchbook. When I got back to North Wales, I couldn't get the image and the stormy colours out of my head, so I used the tiny sketch as my main reference for this linocut.

There was a little 'hiccup' mid print, when I misjudged the tone of one of the colours and printed 'too dark, too soon'. I resolved the problem by printing a lighter tone on top of the 'too dark', before resuming the planned colours. There are more images and discussion of the development of this linocut on my Facebook page.



Birling Gap, Storm approaching

Title: Storm approaching, Birling Gap
7 colour linocut
Edition No: 20
Print area size: 30cm x 20cm
Price unframed: £155.00


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