Blaen Nantmor - In the notebook where I record all my prints and make comments and notes about anything 'special' relating to that particular print, I've written "Nice trouble free print".

Snowy images require a slightly different approach because there is invariably more white than usual. It's necessary to keep in mind how the white snow 'bleeds' onto the white of the paper and to what degree the eye is able to make an imaginary border. I've used a couple of rocks in the bottom right corner as a visual hint regarding the position of the edge of the print.

After a stream of emails back and forth to Colorado (to an incredibly generous fellow linocutter Sherrie York), I tried a time-saving masking technique for the first time. After printing the palest colour, I cut a mask which covered everything but the sky, this enabled me to print a pale blue sky without inking up the whole block. The mask didn't need to match the skyline perfectly, because subsequent darker colours cover any slight overprinting of the blue. It'll be a useful technique to experiment with if I need isolated areas of colour in future work but I'm not sure how well it would work with deeper, darker colours.



Title: Blaen Nantmor
5 colour linocut
Edition No: 20
Print area size: 12.5 x 21.0cm
Price unframed: £140.00


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Original sketch and drawing transferred (mirror image) onto lino



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