Cawod sydyn yng Nghwm Croesor - The second use of this lino came to me during printing the sky on the first Cnicht print. The main reason for the departure was recalling being caught several times in torrential showers whilst sketching the mountain and how saturated the landscape looked as I dashed for cover. Somehow, the sunny blue sky of the first print didn't ring true and a bit of ingenious use of the lino upside down, part inking and then overprinting, enabled me to create this second image with towering rain-laden clouds. The sunlight and the shadows remain, but the new sky, variations in colour palette and in particular, a total absence of white, have created a print which has a completely different mood to the first. An exciting and very worthwhile diversion which I'm extremely glad I took.



Title: Cawod sydyn yng Nghwm Croesor
(A sudden shower in the Croesor Valley)
Colours: 6 colour linocut
Edition No: 6
Print area size: 22.5cm x 27cm
Price unframed: £200.00


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