Clogwyn isel, Clynnog (Low cliff, Clynnog) - Whilst taking part in the Helfa Gelf Art Trail in September 2011, I was keen to show visitors to the gallery in Croesor where I was exhibiting that linocutting is a far cry from what a lot of people recall doing during their school years. I didn't want to demo anything too complicated and in particular, I wanted to complete the print during the 4 weekends for the benefit of returning visitors. It's not a 'pure' reduction linocut, as the black key block has been used in an earlier print but working from memory and using the keyblock as a guide, I cut a new block for the two underlying colours. This time, the two mountains on the right are snow covered, in the earlier print, they were not. Not having the landscape in front of me for reference was quite liberating because I was able to think solely about the colour balance and tones. Working under the public eye was also quite exciting as they were seeing the print evolve in real-time and had it been a complete disaster, it would have been a very public one.




Title: Clogwyn isel, Clynnog (Low cliff, Clynnog)
3 colour linocut
Edition No: 10
Print area size: 18cm x 7.5cm
Price unframed: £65.00

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