Dail, mwsogl a rhaeadr fach gudd (Leaves, moss and a small hidden waterfall) - This is quite simply a dream location in my eyes. What more could an artist want - a small waterfall finding its path through a complexity of mossy rocks, surrounded by a variety of trees including some birches with wonderfully marked bark and then to top it all, a bit of watery winter sunshine filtering through the trees on the skyline. This called for colour, yes, me! - colour!.

My initial ink mixing was leaning towards the greens but they felt too cold and simply didn't create the right mood. By adding red and a bit of yellow and then umber to the mix, I found a much softer and warmer palette of autumn colours, although as explained below, my greys called out to me and I eventually printed this as a varied edition.



Title: Dail, mwsogl a rhaeadr fach gudd
Colours: 4 colour linocut
Edition No: 35
Print area size: 16cm x 28cm
Price unframed: £200.00

This is an edition varie. The first 20 prints in the edition use a brown, autumnal palette of inks, whilst the remaining 15 use my more familiar palette of soft greys.

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