Dilyn yr afon i galon y cwm (Following the river to the heart of the cwm).

Following the river, rather than the public footpath to Cwm Idwal one evening in September, I had the whole place to myself from the moment I left the car park until half way down the path on the return journey.

The water sculpted boulders are incredible and fascinating, this huge rock 'face' dominating the scene but all the while the eye is drawn upwards towards the Cwm. Hidden until the very last moment, on reaching the lip of the cwm the whole vista suddenly opens up to reveal Llyn Idwal.

A breathtaking place in all its moods, on this particular evening, standing on the shore, no-one to disturb the peace, the breeze picked up and small waves started to break the surface, it was pure magic. Shout into the wind - no-one to hear you. What a place to refresh the body and mind.



Title: Dilyn yr afon i galon y cwm
Colours: 5 colour linocut
Edition No: 30
Print area size: 20 x 14cm
Price unframed: £135.00

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