Evening, Cwm Idwal - ... and finally, a third variation but something quite different this time.
After the soft, neutral tones of the earlier prints, I had an urge to create the image a third (and final for the moment) time using a completely different palette of colours.
As the lino for the first two editions had been reduced during printing, I was just left with the final stage of the cut, the black 'layer'. This meant cutting a brand new block for the colours, then re-using the earlier lino as a key-block for this third edition. I also decided to adjust and cut more of the black away in parts, giving the final image a slightly less linear feel.

Of the three, this is probably my favourite but there are elements in each one which at some point in the future, I will try to bring together in one, much larger print.




Title: Evening, Cwm Idwal
Colours: 5 colour linocut
Edition No: 12
Print area size: 15cm x 17cm
Price unframed: £95.00


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