Wrth fynd heibio Llynnau Mymbyr I - The 'first' of the pair of Llynnau Mymbyr linocuts which were produced from the same lino. Describing this as the first is perhaps a bit misleading because as I use the reduction method of linocutting, each block of colour was printed for both editions before cutting the next. Confusing? A little probably.

So, why did I produce two editions from the one lino? Quite simply because it was crying out to be printed in so many different colour palettes. As with the other prints in this series, I wanted to keep the composition as simple as possible and use as few colours as possible. Leaving the road as an extremely bold, white shape was a big risk (would anyone but me recognise it as a road?) but I'm happy with the outcome and the way it leads the viewer into the centre of the image. The small areas of white as the road rounds the bend and the even smaller snippet as it heads up towards Pen y Pass draws the eye to the foot of the massive face of Lliwedd and the almost solid area of black which dominates the print.



Title: Wrth fynd heibio Llynnau Mymbyr II
3 colour linocut
Edition No: 10
Print area size: 17.5cm x 24.5cm
Price unframed: £140.00


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