Nant y Mynydd - for some reason the Welsh song 'Nant y mynydd, groyw loyw ..." (Mountain stream, clear and bright) has been running around in my head for weeks and I decided it would be a good opportunity to find a stream which represented my 'nant' and to try and capture the essence of the song in a print. I headed off to a spot which I thought might meet my needs and indeed it did. At a distance, it's a pretty non-descript trickle of a stream but in parts it was perfect. It twists and turns through marshy ground, occasionally forming mini waterfalls and the section which I chose to draw had a lovely (very complicated!) tree right on the water's edge.

My mark-making is evolving again, becoming quite detailed in places and some areas of the print, particularly the almost pattern-like patches of reeds in the middle distance, remind me of shapes I've seen in some of the British Vorticist's paintings. A strange connection to make but one I can't get out of my head now that it's there.



Title: Nant y Mynydd
5 colour linocut
Edition No: 10
Print area size: 16.5 x 25.5cm
Price unframed: £180.00


To buy:

SOLD OUT ON WEBSITE - one framed will be available soon at The Contemporary Six Gallery, Manchester. Please check with the gallery before travelling




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