Rhedyn a mieri wrth droed Rhaeadr Pentre Du (Bracken and brambles at the foot of Pentre Du waterfall)This 'edition varie' is my second attempt at capturing this magical but not often visited waterfall on the outskirts of Betws y Coed.

Several things went 'wrong' with the first attempt - lack of colour and poor representation of the trees above and behind the waterfall were partly to blame but my main error was creating an over complicated foreground, where the line between river and bank was impossible to make out. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often and the occasional print which doesn't make it out of the studio is an important part of raising the standard of my work.

This time, I made sure the tangled undergrowth on the right hand side and the river on the left were quite different in terms of mark-making and use of colour. I deliberately left out the damp bracken red and the brighter green colours from the river to give a sense of calm and stillness. And I added one more colour to lift and lead the eye into the distance and hopefully create a sense of "I wonder what's beyond the top"?



Title: Rhedyn a mieri wrth droed Rhaeadr Pentre Du (Bracken and brambles at the foot of Pentre Du waterfall)
Colours: 5 colour linocut
Edition No: 22
Print area size: 16cm x 29cm
Price unframed: £200.00

This is an edition varie. The first 12 prints in the edition use a green/brown palette, whilst the remaining 10 use a palette of soft greys with a hint of sienna.

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