Mi ddaw yr Haf (Summer will come) - This is the second print inspired by a secluded spot I discovered by chance last Autumn when I followed my nose, rather than the path. The first print (Perffaith le) was done in landscape format, mainly because I had almost run out of lino. Whilst I was waiting for the new supply of lino to arrive, I kept looking at the original drawing and knew this second version was going to be doubly exciting and challenging to do.

Working on the same subject a second time would allow me to improve on areas in the first print that I knew needed a little more work. I felt sure that the portrait format would enable the river to complete its full journey (in visual terms) through the print. Using paler tones and very little white where the river meets the edge of the print on the left hand side, creates an area which is gentle and restful on the eye in an otherwise complex composition.

Similarly, restrained use of white in the wooded area in the middle of the print, throws a single birch tree into focus amongst the pattern of tree trunks and branches.



Title: Mi ddaw yr Haf (Summer will come)
5 colour linocut
Edition No: 15
Print area size: 20 x 26cm
Price unframed: £200.00

To buy:

The final 2 prints in this edition are part of gallery exhibitions. if you are interested in purchasing 'Mi ddaw yr haf', please contact me so I can ask the gallery to reserve the print for you.




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