South Stack descent - The second in the lighthouse series, still on Anglesey, I headed to South Stack. Famous (or infamous and exhausting if you decide to tackle the steps) for the long flight of steps down to the lighthouse, I wanted to show both in this image as they are intrinsic to the location. There are supposedly 365 steps down to the small bridge which gives access to the small rocky island and the lighthouse. I counted the steps and there are nearer 400!

The first image below, shows that my work doesn't always go quite as planned. Having initially decided not to show a horizon and have the lighhouse against a backdrop of the sea, I was unhappy with the result which I felt was visually confusing and overall too dark. Rather than waste several days work and have a failed edition, I re-cut a new slice of lino to replace the unsatisfactory part of the image which is butted up against the original lino forming and invisible join. I introduced a small slice of sky at the top, a distinct horizon and an area of white cloud to create what I hope is a much more balanced and pleasing image that gives the eye 'room to rest'.



Title: South Stack descent
1 colour linocut
Edition No: 25
Print area size: 18.5 x 29.0cm
Price unframed: £135.00


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