Syrthio, syrthio (Falling, falling) - One of my personal favourites, 'Syrthio, syrthio' stands out from the crowd for me for many reasons. It's probably the first print since 'Hel Meddyliau, Harbwr Trefor' which gives me that extra something which is so hard to define but feels right every time I look at it. I sense that my style is evolving, becoming less restrained and more individual. The shapes and lines feel stronger and more confident and I think I'm really beginning to believe in my work and shake off a lot of old preconceptions.

The narrow, slim composition pleases my eye too and adds to the feeling of the river meandering across the paper, almost a narrative of the river's journey through the image, until it literally falls off the edge at the bottom of the print.



Title: Syrthio, syrthio (Falling, falling)
Colours: 4 colour linocut
Edition No: 15
Print area size: 11 x 23.5cm
Price unframed: £240.00

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