Yng nghysgod y Garn (in the shadow of y Garn) - the eye is drawn high up the print to the dark tones of the low craggy outcrop on the right hand side and then scans left to a point just off centre where the river starts its tumble through the rocks on its way down to join the Afon Ogwen. Two trees and a lone boulder break into the paler tones behind, visually throwing the snow topped Y Garn backwards. The deliniation of shapes used elsewhere, is absent from the background, also helping to make the mass of the mountain recede.

Conscious use of larger shapes and greater areas of darker tones in the middle and foreground make the whiteness of the river appear even whiter and the eye is inclined to follow it through the rocks to the point where it falls out of the bottom right hand corner of the print.



Title: Yng nghysgod y Garn
Colours: 4 colour linocut
Edition No: 18
Print area size: 15 x 25cm
Price unframed: £220.00

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