Yr ynys (The island) - An island, where? there's no sea .... well, you're right, there is no sea but it's an island of rocks and trees sitting in the middle of Afon Caseg and the title came to me as I sat and watched the river part and flow either side.

A departure from my 'usual' palette, this print cried out for mossy greens and a final rich black to define the deep shadows at the river's edge and pull one or two trees on the island into sharp focus. This was one of those prints that knew where it was going from the start. Diversions and experimentation can be exhilerating but it's quite grounding to feel in control of the journey once in a while.



Title: Yr ynys (The island)
Colours: 5 colour linocut
Edition No: 10
Print area size: 22 x 17cm
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I don't often show 'work in progress' but on this occasion, I think the trio of images below are worth showing because they illustrate so clearly how one colour appears to change when the next is applied.


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