Clematis Wattii I - I am extremely lucky to live within a few miles of the world renowned plant collectors Sue and Bleddyn Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm Plants. When my own garden is a bit sparse of interesting subject matter, I can be pretty sure I'll find something wonderful to draw at Crug. Clematis Wattii was one of those joys. The flower structure is simple, beautiful and fascinating to draw. The plant as a whole lent itself to creating a design or a pattern, more than a still life study. As the preparatory sletches developed, I couldn't help being influenced and inspired by some of William Morris' extraordinary fabric designs.



Title: Clematis Wattii I
Colours: 4 colour linocut
Edition No: 15
Print area size: 11.5 x 18.5cm
Price unframed: £130.00

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