Clematis Bill MacKenzie - I grow at least a dozen clematis in my garden but 'Bill' is probably one of my favourites not only because it has such fascinating shaped flowers but it's remarkably tolerant of my pruning techniques! When I decided to draw Bill, I wanted to include not only the flowers and seedhead of the clematis but another flower or plant which was a complete contrast in terms of colour and form. The little clustered heads of this daisy-like flower met all those needs. This isn't a 'pure' reduction linocut as a second block was cut and overprinted to create a dark background in the top two thirds of the print area. This is a very dark green (not black) which allows the eye to concentrate on the wonderfully quirky shapes of the clematis flowers.



Title: Clematis Bill MacKenzie
Colours: 6 colour linocut
Edition No: 15
Print area size: 13 x 14cm
Price unframed: £150.00

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