Half hidden narcissi - This delicate clump of narcissi is growing on a small plot of land on the Isle of Anglesey. Each year without fail they appear and I'm delighted to see that they seem to be multiplying. In previous years I've drawn them and they've appeared in prints as individual flowerheads but this time, I decided it was time to capture them in situ, en-masse. Their delicate colouring called for several masks to be used during the printing process, so that several pale tones could be incorporated into the flowers to give them form before building up the leaves and background. It's quite a departure from my usual landscape work and has quite a different appeal, not just for me in creating it but possibly as a bit of a surprise for people browsing through my portfolio.


Title: Half hidden narcissi
Colours: 8 colour linocut
Edition No: 10
Print area size: 23.5cm x 14cm

SOLD OUT on website

One available soon (framed) at The Contemporary Six Gallery, Manchester



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