Schlumbergera I - Initially, the Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) triptych was conceived as one wide composition with a small band of white between each block but the more I worked on it, the more I felt each image had merit as an small individual print. I find that the more diminutive the piece, the more important each aspect of it is ... there is no room to hide the tiniest of errors. Often, the least complicated looking prints take almost as much time to compose as much more complex looking ones. This series of three captures the changing shape of the cactus flowers as they open and this, the first of the three, includes two cyclamen leaves (added quite late on to the drawing which was feeling left-heavy), to add balance to the composition and also to set off the pale buds against a darker background.



Title: Schlumbergera I
Colours: 2 colour linocut
Edition No: 20
Print area size: 9 x 14cm
Price unframed: £55.00

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Two of the linos inked up ready for printing on top of the first colour


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