Linocut Printmaker

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My work is varied in style, medium and scale. I draw, I paint and work in mixed-media but my passion is for linocutting. I enjoy the physical process of cutting and carving the lino with freshly honed tools and I find the variety of styles and marks I can achieve with such simple materials endlessly surprising and satisfying. You can read more about me and my work here.

NEWS SNIPPETS - 06/08/22 New editions, 'Caught in the rain on the road to Rowen' has been added to the Gallery/Mountains page, 'Pen y Clip', a small single colour linocut and ''Goleudy, Ynys Llanddwyn' (Lighthouse, Llanddwyn Island) added to the Coast page. The Annual Summer Exhibition is in full swing at Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy, where I have another new edition 'Y Lladron Sglodion, Conwy' (The chip thieves, Conwy) available.

You can follow progress of my current work and keep in touch on social media too

Reduction linocutting is one of the most complex and intriguing forms of relief printmaking - it requires having to work with a reversed sketch or drawing, being able to envisage multiple layers of tone and colour, all whilst working toward a final image which exists only in my head.

The reduction process involves using a single block of lino which is progressively cut away for each layer of colour. As the block is essentially destroyed during the process, a reduction print can never be reprinted, making it (and guaranteeing) a truly limited edition.