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An online shop is far removed from the social and interactive experience of wandering around a gallery and chatting to the artist about their work but whilst I can't personally guide you through my gallery and shop, I'm very happy to chat with you via any of the popular social media platforms. If there’s a particular piece of work you’d like to ask me a question about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sit down and please enjoy spending a bit of time wandering around viewing the work.

How to buy

I've kept the buying process simple and secure, using Paypal as my preferred payment method. If you prefer to pay by BACS or cheque, that's fine, please let me know, and arrangements can be made.

Using the BUY NOW and ADD TO BAG buttons - a little clarification.

You'll see 'Buy now' buttons next to each Limited Edition linocut and 'Add to bag' buttons next to each Greetings Card. This is simply a design feature, used to reflect the fact that you are probably more likely to buy multiple cards than linocuts but you'll notice that whichever item you purchase, Paypal's auto-generated sales-sheet makes it easy to increase the quantity of items in your shopping bag using the + /- feature or to continue shopping by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of the screen which takes you directly back to the page where you made your purchase.

If you have any problems purchasing any work or questions about the buying process, please contact me immediately. I'm happy to answer any questions or help you problem solve by email or via my social media links.

Postage & Packing

Postage is FREE to UK addresses. I send prints packed flat unless requested to do otherwise.

All the linocuts for sale are original, limited edition linocuts. I don’t sell reproductions (giclee/digital prints of originals) but I do have cards available of a selection of my most popular editions.