Birdsong after the rain, Pistyll Cain - In this second version of the dramatic falls nr Dolgellau, I've allowed myself greater freedom of interpretation, a change of format and a bolder, more stylised palette of colours. Do I prefer one over the other? No, not really.
I had many reasons for wanting to portray this scene twice in quick succession, the main one being that as I was working on the first, I started imagining how it might look with simpler shapes and rather than trying to adapt (and perhaps ruining) the first version to accommodate the new ideas, I put them to one side and focused on completing the first in the way I'd planned. With the first edition complete, I was then able to turn my attention entirely to this, the second - and in a similar manner, go 'all out' to try to achieve the more stylised image I had in my head. Hopefully, both editions have benefited from this approach.


Title: Birdsong after the rain, Pistyll Cain
Colours: 4 colour linocut
Edition No: 18
Print area size: 20cm x 39cm
Price unframed: £245.00


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