Whilst being one of the simplest forms of printmaking, linocutting should not be underestimated as a challenging and exciting medium capable of producing a wide variety of results.

The Printing Process

mixing and rolling the ink on a glass plate
inking the lino
positioning the lino
in the press, lining up with
registration marks
registering the paper
on top of the inked lino
winding the press down
...and back up
carefully lifting and
removing the paper
Checking registration
... and print quality

The 'old' studio - new content and photos coming soon of the loft studio

My method of linocutting

The majority of my multi-coloured linocuts are produced using the reduction method. It involves working from the palest colour to the darkest, cutting more lino away each time until only the darkest colour is left, mistakes such as removing too much lino cannot easily be corrected, hence the 'suicidal' nature of the technique.

Picasso used the reduction process. The traditional method for multiple color printmaking was to cut multiple blocks, each carrying one color of the final print. With many blocks, the possibility of errors in registration was great. Picasso simply cut a single block multiple times with his printers printing the whole edition a different color between each cutting.


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